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Cathy Kent left everything behind when she moved from Zimbabwe in 2003, finding her new home in Toowoomba.

Here she met future husband Grant while working at a childcare centre where his sister’s children attended. More than a decade later, Cathy has embraced life in the Garden City as the perfect place to raise her young family.

Living in Highfields, Toowoomba has everything she wants in a home; affordable housing, great schools, sports clubs and a true community feel. 

“It’s perfectly spread out but you are also close enough that you see the same families at events like rugby and swimming and can catch up together,” she said. 

“It’s amazing how quickly everything is developing, and we’ve got so many choices of activities for the kids, and for us as well.”


Fulfilling a long-held passion, Cathy teamed up with her mum and another young mother to open The Wild Haven Collective, a furniture, homewares and fashion store on Russell St in the CBD. 

“It’s been a big passion of mine, and the store is following that love,” she said.

The timing was perfect for Cathy who was keen to return to work now her children were growing up.

“We wanted to be able to work around our family life but start a business for ourselves as well,” she said.

“We just love it here in Toowoomba. We moved for a few months in 2009 to Brisbane, but found ourselves back here every weekend until eventually we returned.”

MiaMia Photography’s Melissa Batterham said she loved working with families to capture their perfect moment through the lens, using the picturesque region for inspiration.

“Our many amazing local backdrops provide lots of colour, light and happiness to create family memories,” she said.

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