Agricultural roots in the region

Our region’s economy has its roots firmly planted in agriculture a clean green and growing industry that continues to thrive. 

A rich history of agriculture underpins Toowoomba’s growth as a food processing hub. Couple that with its freight
and logistics aptitudes and fertile soil, and it’s the ideal home for producers offering a competitive edge.  

The Darling Downs is Australia’s leading region for Agricultural production and innovation.We deliver fresh ingredients for a range of dishes, with beef straight from the paddock at Oakey Beef or Mort and Co, or try the pork from Merivale

Arcadian Organic & Natural Meat Co also supplies premium quality certified organic and natural meat.

Looking for something on the side? Set up your salad with lettuce from Story Fresh, carrots from Kalfresh and avo from
Sunnyspot Packhouse, or broccoli from Qualipac. For those with a sweet tooth, you can’t look past Pittsworth Confectionery. 

And for the daytime snackers, Stahmann Farms has you all set with macadamias and
almonds. Makes you hungry just thinking about it.

Toowoomba’s surrounding countryside is a patchwork of produce with sorghum, cotton, wheat, poultry, eggs and dairy. Drive in any direction and the paddocks come alive in a sea of yellow, reds, white or green.

About 80% of Australia’s eggs come from here, and we have more feedlots per square kilometre than anywhere else in the country. 

Down the range in the Lockyer Valley or in the Felton food bowl, our region’s clean and green message continues to attract hungry buyers, including the growing Asian middle-class. 

Agriculture remains an important part of Toowoomba’s economy, worth about $770 million which is 10% of the state’s employment in the industry.

But it’s not just the economy that benefits, as restaurants around the region consistently choose the produce to serve their diners. 


The diverse agribusiness sector looks to innovation and value-adding to its offerings. About one in five businesses in the region support agriculture. 

Queensland’s export markets continue to trend upward, reaching new 12-month highs, at a time when producers and businesses across the Darling Downs and wider region are looking to the market opportunities available to expand their business operations.


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