Cost of Living

We’re in an enviable position that sees residents enjoy not just a lower cost of living but an increase in pay packets, too.

Our household incomes have gone up by $203 a week since the 2011 data, just outpacing Brisbane’s rate of income growth at $199 a week. It means we can afford the smashed avos and lattes.

It's cheaper to live here and we're growing fast: housing and average commutes to work make living in Toowoomba not only easier, but cheaper than Brisbane.

Modelling shows despite slightly lower average income levels, a professional family of two adults and two kids is $9000 better off each year than the capital city, taking the value of travel time and savings into the equation.

Highfields is one of the fastest growing suburbs in Queensland recording 2.5% growth in the 2016 Census.

Shrewd city planning is also driving growth in other areas such as Glenvale, Mount Lofty and Cotswold Hills, while future potential has been identified in Kleinton.

But we’re still affordable, with Toowoomba’s average house price well under $400,000 compared with Brisbane’s $650,000.

Inner-city homes are quintessentially Toowoomba with colonial charm, heritage overlays and a standing legacy to the past.

Suburban growth has brought unit blocks and duplexes in the suburbs, and single storey brick homes are more common on the outskirts. An increasing number of homes are also solar powered.


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